MaxTransfer Advantage*

Connect to Bellevue University for Your Bachelor's Degree

  • Full Credit Transfer
  • Full Value for Your Associate Degree
  • Full Support

PLUS 10% Off Tuition and Fees

*MaxTransfer Advantage refers to Bellevue University acceptance of all college-level courses successfully completed at UMA into their bachelor’s degree programs. This typically equates to at least 60 credit hours toward your bachelor’s degree, and sometimes more. When UMA students transfer to Bellevue University they are matched with a Student Coach who is responsible for their program plan, academic schedule, and financial aid package.


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Equip for the future of nursing with an accelerated, affordable BSN.

Nurses are needed now more than ever. You need a degree that meets today's industry standards for RNs and Bellevue University offers a more affordable and accelerated path forward.


Real Learning for Real Life is what you get exclusively with Bellevue University. The knowledge and skills you gain – while learning – can be applied to your work real-time, and they prepare you to be successful going forward – no matter how jobs change, the world changes, or you change. INQUIRE NOW

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